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Our Story

Pariah5K is a clothing brand designed for the confidently different (or “rebels” as we like to call them). Our story began on a farm in rural Indiana where creative director, Barbara Riordan, was raised and discovered her love for fashion. With limited access to the clothes that appealed to her unique sense of style, Barbara began making her own. In a sea of plaid and overalls, her whimsical & quirky designs stood out. Despite the criticism of some, many looked forward to seeing what Barbara would wear next. She became a style rebel.


The brand has evolved greatly since Barbara’s early days of designing, but what hasn’t changed is our dedication to creating premium clothing that defies norms. We defy trends and seasons by creating timeless, cross-seasonal garments. We defy “fast fashion” culture by producing limited-edition collections, responsibly sourcing, and manufacturing all our products in the USA.


Our point? Going against the grain is in the Pariah5K DNA and we continue to deliver the unexpected to rebels everywhere. By combining classic silhouettes with color and off-kilter prints, we bring a humorous (and sometimes satirical) edge to fashion. We offer menswear & womenswear but, in true rebel form, most ignore those labels and wear what speaks to their style. That is the p5K way!