Staying Stylish on Race Day: The Indianapolis 500 Edition

When the sound of roaring race car engines fills the air at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the month of May, you know it’s time to take out your favorite pair of sunglasses and get ready for “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”  Since its debut 100 years ago in Speedway, Indiana, the Indianapolis 500 continues to attract race fans from all over the world.  Because this year marks the 100th anniversary of the race, you can celebrate racing history in style.  Whether you’re headed out to the track for the day or plan on hosting a traditional porch party at home, take a cue from the race’s famous checkered black and white flag when planning your outfit.


Have fun with subtle yet fun race car inspired accessories.  A vintage race car charm bracelet or earrings will add some personality and charm to your look.  500 miles is a long race so don’t forget a hat to keep the sun off of your face.  And if you have sandals on, sunscreen on the tops of your feet is a must!


Race day is held on Memorial Day Weekend,  so a patriotic outfit might be your choice. Bold red, white, and blue with neutral clutch and shoes is a great look.


There are many traditions associated with the 500.  The singing of “Back Home Again in Indiana” just before we hear those famous words, “Gentlemen and Ladies, start your engines!”  Red, white, and blue balloons are released and a military fly over are part of the traditional opening festivities.  The winner always drinks milk at the finish line!  The Borg-Warner Trophy is awarded to the winning team.  The trophy is sterling silver featuring bas-relief sculptures of of every 500 winner.

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On this upcoming Memorial Day let’s not forget why this holiday was started.  After the Civil War, in 1868 an organization of Union Veterans established “Decoration Day”  to remember those who died and to decorate their graves with flowers.  Even though Memorial Day is set aside to recognize those who died while serving their country,  we salute all who serve on this day.  I am dedicating this post to my father, a WWII veteran who served this country on Iwo Jima.

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There aren’t too many WWII veterans left, this is a group photo of some vets at an assisted living. My Dad is the one sticking his tongue out!  Cleo, the guy on the right served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam and John, in the hat behind my Dad, was in the Air force in WWII.  Cleo is the only one still with us.  We owe everything to these men and women.

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