Rainy Day Style

Come rain or shine, you’ll be ready to head out the door in style no matter spring’s forecast.  Bursts of color and spring prints will keep your rainy day far from dreary.

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Wrapping up in a printed coat and bringing along a vibrant umbrella will definitely keep you dry during a spring shower.  Your umbrella is the perfect rain day accessory with a rich history.  Did you know the first umbrella can be traced back to China over 2400 years ago?  Introduced to the West through the ancient Silk Road trading route, the umbrella was linked to high-ranking figures in society.

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Pairing your patterned rain boots with your colorful coat and umbrella will not only brighten your mood, but will simultaneously show off your distinctive style.  You can creatively accessorize by adding a woven hat and printed scarf to a smart blazer that will add a splash of chic to your ensemble no matter the weather outside.

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As the rain sprinkles down outside, you can get work done inside with an organized work space featuring acrylic desk accessories, jewel-toned headphones, and a few succulent plants.  A fun coffee mug featuring your favorite super hero or heroine can add some inspiration to your work.  Bringing a pashmina to your work space will keep you warm and sophisticated while you accomplish your goals.

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If you’re going to be out and about, pairing a statement necklace or floral headband with an elegant dress can easily transition a day-to-evening look that is both polished and expressive this spring.  Applying a bright, petal inspired nail polish or lipstick is a brilliant touch to finish off your look.

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If the rainy weather keeps you inside on a weekend, try turning on your favorite playlist, pouring a cup of herbal tea and finishing up a coloring page or collage you plan on framing and giving to a friend. Spending a rainy afternoon with friends watching vintage movies or enjoying good conversation is a perfect way to enjoy yourself. FullSizeRender (3)

Stay dry!