Pariah’s designs are modern with clean lines, but yield classic form. We often use playful patterns and textures to create fun and interesting pieces.


Pariah proudly sources the finest recycled and sustainable materials as often was we can.


All of our garments are designed with function holding the highest importance.

Barbara Riordan

From the moment she used the sewing skills taught to her by her mother to transform a World War Two-era Japanese robe into a disco jacket, clothing designer Barbara Riordan has turned traditional fashion upside down. Melding feminine with eclectic at Pariah, Barbara has created a clothing line for women looking for fresh, modern apparel guaranteed to get a second look. Favoring whimsical prints and unexpected textures, Pariah designs offer an uncommon flair in women’s fashion. Barbara uses fine fabrics and her wicked eye for design to create flirty-with-an-edge confections in her studio.

Classic Style

The classic Singer sewing machine that Barbara learned to sew on.

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